Get the Look: The Ultimate Party Look Tutorial using Max Factor!

Designed by Max Factor’s creative director Pat McGrath, the look celebrates 100 years of Max Factor’s glamorous transformations.  Inspired by 1960’s icon, Twiggy, this tutorial will help you to recreate a striking party look while channelling the edgy femininity that came from her graphic make-up.  The look features Max Factor’s newest launch, Masterpiece Transform Mascara, for WOW effect lashes.
1. Prepare the face and brows: Apply foundation, groom your eyebrows and fill in sparse areas with an eyebrow pencil.
2. Blend a taupe cream shadow into the crease of the eye for definition and blend a little along the lower lash line.
3. Set the applied shadow with a taupe powder shadow in both the crease and the lower lash line.
4. Add a little more depth into the outer eye area and into the crease with a dark brown eye shadow.
5. Blend all the shades out gently with a pale taupe shadow and highlight under the brow bone with a champagne shade.
6. Apply a charcoal pencil liner along the upper lash line and softly create a wing shape.
7. Repeat on the lower lash line while keep a little separation between the lines at the wing.
8. Smudge a black eye shadow into the eyeliner for a smokey effect.
9. In the space between liner, apply a bold white eye shadow pencil for a striking look.
10. Coat the upper and lower lashes with a lengthening and volumising mascara to finish the eyes.
11. Frame the face with a bronzer. Start around the perimeter and blend out to the hair line.
12. Enhance the shape of your lips with a nude liner and fill the lips in with a pink-based nude lipstick to finish. 

Max Factor Products to recreate the look: 

marie piovesan by ward ivan rafik for vogue russia january 2015

model: marie piovesan (viva)
photographer: ward ivan rafik (artlist)
stylist: svetlana tanakina (vitals)
hair: marion anée (airport)
make-up: marie duhart (atomo)
manicure: alexandra janowski (artlist)

iana godnia by joan braun for vogue russia january 2015

model: iana godnia (elite)
photographer: joan braun (artlist)
stylist: svetlana tanakina (vitals)
make-up: megumi itano (calliste)

elle a passé tant d'heures sous les sunlights: alice le paige by taghi naderzad for grazia france 19th december 2014

model: alice le paige (img)
photographer: taghi naderzad (kramerkramer)
stylist: laure orset-prelet
hair: jean-luc amarin (airport)
make-up: jean-charles perrier