stephanie cam, jamily meurer, nikayla novak, madison whittaker and meng meng wei by bjarne jonasson for uk elle december 2014

models: stephanie cam (vision), jamily meurer (dna), nikayla novak (dna)
madison whittaker (major),  meng meng wei (fusion)
photographer: bjarne jonasson (atelier)
stylist: anne-marie curtis (lga)
hair: kevin ryan (artandcommerce)
make-up: steven canavan (latelier)

sabrina ioffreda by sean & seng for lui november 2014

model: sabrina ioffreda (next)
stylist: ondine azoulay (clm)
hair: syd hayes (premier)
make-up: petros petrohilos (streeters)
manicure: anatole rainey (premier)

natasha poly by inez and vinoodh for vogue paris november 2014

model: natasha poly (women)
photographer: inez and vinoodh
stylist: emmanuelle alt
hair: christiaan
make-up: lisa butler (collectiveshift)

over the top: kelly mittendorf by paul morel for elle mexico november 2014

model: kelly mittendorf (society)
photographer: paul morel
stylist: adele cany
make-up: roy liu